NOTE We now have open submission twice per year (from 01 February to 30 April inclusive, and again from 01 September to 30 November inclusive). 

AT THE DEDALUS PRESS our main interest is in writing by Irish poets or by poets born elsewhere but presently living in Ireland. 

Though we also publish poetry from around the world in English translation (often in anthology format), these projects are usually initiated by us and we therefore prefer to receive an outline proposal by email rather than a submission through this channel.

Though we invite cover letters that include general biographical and bibliographical information, we operate a 'blind' reading policy and these are consulted only after we have formed an impression of the work submitted.

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Poetry Matters: Spread the Word

Dedalus Press invites submissions from Irish-born poets living anywhere in the world, or from poets born anywhere but resident in Ireland. This particular call is not open to poets who do not fulfill these criteria. (Poets or translators not fulfilling these criteria should instead contact the press by email with a summary of their proposals.) Submissions should be in English only, and poets must be 18 years of age or over to submit.

We welcome a minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 pages of poetry from a book-length manuscript. NB As all submissions are read anonymously, please do not include name, address or other identifying details on the manuscript itself but only where requested on the submission form.

Response time is up to 3 months (depending on our workload), though we hope to keep it as short as possible. In any case if you haven't heard back from us after three months, we're happy to receive a gentle reminder and will get back to you as quickly as possible. We regret that we do not have the resources to critique unsuccessful submissions.

Finally though we prefer not to charge a reading fee, we do politely ask prospective poets to purchase one or more of our publications (from, thereby not only familiarising themselves with our tastes and preferences but at the same time supporting the ongoing work of the press.

Many thanks for your interest in the Dedalus Peress, and good wishes with your work.

Reflecting  the changing nature of Irish society, Dedalus Press is pleased to  announce a call for submissions for WRITING HOME, an anthology of poems  by ‘new Irish’ poets, to be edited by Chiamaka Enyi-Amadi and Pat Boran  and scheduled for publication by Dedalus Press in Autumn 2019.

Poets  from the ‘new Irish communities’, the ‘hyphenated Irish’, the Irish of  mixed cultural, linguistic or ethnic origins, all are very warmly  invited to submit … We especially welcome poems in English (or in  English translation) that record the changing nature of Irish society  and explore some of the differences between as well as the similarities  among those who now call Ireland home.

Identity, belonging,  ownership, loss, culture and, of course, the complex subject of ‘home’  itself … These are just some of the broad subjects we invite  contributors to consider in an anthology that seeks to reassert the  importance of poetry in the ongoing discussion about who we are and what  we are capable of becoming.

Contributors (who must be over 18 years of age) are invited to send up to 10 pages of poetry for consideration.

Poems may be new and unpublished, or they may be previously published in magazines, journals etc but not in book form. (Poets must not have previously published more than one book-length collection of their poems in English.)

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